Cosmetic Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

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Cosmetic Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

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Botched Ink Saline Cosmetic Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

Having permanent make up is fantastic when it’s looking perfect but it’s great to know that there is something you can do if you change your mind or if you need it removed or lightened.

So if the following applies to you help is on hand to help you achieve your permanent make up goals:

  1. Have you got bad or discoloured permanent make up that needs removing?
  2. Do you have colour that’s lasted too long or has faded to shade of green, blue or grey, or even an orange or pink?
  3. Are you brows too dark for your current hair colour?
  4. Do you have permanent make up brows or microblading that is not taking colour booster anymore?
  5. Have you got powder brows but you now want to have microblading or hair strokes?
  6. Do you have unwanted permanent make up lip liner that has been implanted outside the vermillion border (natural lip line) that has blurred and faded and needs removing?

If any apply to you please read on for more details:

What is Botched Ink?

It’s not always bad permanent make up that needs removal.

Botched Ink is an innovative saline removal system that is designed to be gentle on the skin yet highly effective in removing unwanted permanent make up and microblading.

It can be used to treat brows, lips & (subject to availability) scalp micropigmentation or permanent make up.


It’s a perfect solution to:


    • Remove colour that’s lasted too long, mistakes or tattoo regrets.
    • Lighten a machine tattoo ready for microblading.
    • Lighten colour saturated or very dark brows.

Is it more effective than having laser tattoo removal?

Laser treatment will remove permanent make up but it won’t remove pigment that has disbursed and appears like skin staining on the skin. There are also other risks such as scarring. For this reason saline removal is the go to removal method for may permanent make up technicians like myself.

How does Botched Ink work?

Botched Ink is a gentle yet concentrated hypertonic saline solution. When it’s implanted into skin by a trained technician the area dries out. This means if the skin contains tattoo pigment or permanent make up pigment this will dry out too. As it does this it lifts and removes the pigment during the skins natural healing process

Botched Ink Before and After Images

Botched Ink Before and After Images
Botched Ink treatment images over a period of time

Is the treatment very effective?

Yes but you will need a minimum of 3 treatments to see results.

Will I feel anything?

Most clients report the treatment is very comfortable. Botched Ink is soaked into the area to be treated, with skin opened up in a light skin needling type action. You will have had numbing cream so this really isn’t an uncomfortable experience

How much does it cost?

This is a reverse cosmetic tattoo or permanent make up treatment. It involves consumables & time similar to the original treatment.

Price is £150 a treatment

A treatment appointment is 45-60 minutes with the first appointment being a little longer to include the consultation. This includes all aftercare and is a removal only treatment. If you need a new brow treatment or colour correction and colour booster normal treatment prices apply.

How many treatments will I need?

Any kind of tattoo removal is a process, it’s worth mentally and financially committing to a course of 3 treatments so we can assess how easily the pigment is removing from your skin.

    • Most clients see improvements after 2 or 3 sessions.
    • Initially the pigment may look darker before it gets lighter.
    • Pigment that sits deep in the skin comes up to the surface.
    • This makes removal easier in further sessions

For some the goal is complete removal, others are looking for a lightening so the area can be re-worked. During the removal process we are assessing and responding to the pigment, how deep it sits in the skin, is the area saturated with pigment and skin stain (the russet, lilac and warm colours) from years of top ups.

The fresher the tattoo, the easier it is to remove.

Does all the pigment need removing?

No not always. If the colour has lifted enough to do a colour correction or refresh the colour to a better shade a total removal is not always required.


Is there aftercare to follow after treatment?

Yes. You should follow the aftercare prescribed to you by your technician to ensure you heal correctly to maximise the results of the treatment and to ensure that you keep the area clean.


To book a consultation for your personal Botched Ink Removal Plan or to discuss your particular permanent make up removal needs please contact: or call 07718 453269

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