Permanent Eye Makeup

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Permanent Eye Makeup

A great way to create a subtle to dramatic definition to the eyes. A perfect solution for sensitive or short sighted clients who are unable to wear makeup.

With all my treatments my pricing includes a FREE Perfecting booster 4 – 6 weeks after the 1st treatment as well as all aftercare products. This gives me the peace of mind that you are using the best aftercare products that work with your skin and not against it as well as ensuring that your treatment colour is boosted and any required tweaks to the shape after the healing process are carried out.

Permanent Eye Make up Treatments and Prices

Permanent make up pricing includes a FREE consultation, the initial treatment and a complimentary perfecting booster 4-6 weeks after initial treatment. All aftercare products are provided in your package.

Subtle Lash Enhancement £360

(Top and Bottom)

A subtle line that creates definition to the lash line and creates definition to the shape of the eyes.

Fine to Medium Liner £380

(Top and Bottom)

If you are looking for more definition than to create thickness to the lash line or more of a makeup look a fine to medium liner is recommended.

Permanent Eyeliner Before and After Treatment

Permanent Eye Makeup before and after images case study 1
Permanent Eye Makeup before and after images case study 2
Permanent Eye Makeup before and after images case study 3

Refresh / Maintenance* £200

*12 – 18 months from my initial treatment per area, per appointment after which full price applies.

Permanent make up is not forever and it does fade or change colour over time. This is caused by natural & environmental influences such as

    • Your individual skin especially oily & mature skin
    • Facial treatments such as skin peels, microdermabrasion
    • Skin care products such as exfoliation
    • Sun & sunbeds (UVA)
    • Medical conditions

I highly recommend that you maintain your investment in permanent make up by having a regular maintenance treatment (sometimes called a refresh or top up). This not only saves you time and money by not having to start your treatment plan all over again but will ensure that the same permanent makeup artist can ensure that your treatment always looks its best shape & colour by using the same technique and colour products.

Please note that (like many permanent make up technicians) I am unable to maintain other technicians work and full price (2 step treatment) applies.

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